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Bissell Centre



The Bissell Centre is an Edmonton-based nonprofit organization working towards the elimination of poverty and homelessness in the community. With support of EcoCity Edmonton, the Bissell Centre will install solar panels on the roof of their facility, which will provide green electricity to the rest of the building. This is part of a larger renovation project and builds upon a recently completed LED conversion.

The solar panels will reduce their carbon footprint by reducing our dependence on energy that is created using fossil fuels. Furthermore, the new solar array will reduce costs to the organization over the long-term. The cost savings can then go towards services that help people living in poverty or experiencing homelessness, thus benefiting the clients the Centre works with.

In addition to the solar panels, we will continue to offer energy efficiency workshops to our clients and staff in partnership with ENMAX. These workshops instruct clients and staff on how to make their homes more energy efficient and to help them make educated energy choices. These workshops will engage people who might otherwise be excluded from the energy transition conversation.