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Big Lake Environment Support Society



Situated as it is in close proximity to a million people in the capital region, the Big Lake ecosystem is subject to increasing pressures from urban expansion. New developments are being built along the south shore in Edmonton that will house 30,000 more residents adjacent to the lake and reduce upland habitat that currently supports wildlife populations. Residential and commercial expansion adjacent to the natural area is ongoing in Parkland and Sturgeon counties as well as St. Albert all of which increases human pressures on the Big Lake natural area. By developing an awareness of and an appreciation for nature BLESS hopes to obtain the cooperation of urban dwellers in reducing their footprint as much as possible and to increase the base of informed and engaged citizens who will protect the natural area into the future.

The BLESS summer nature program engages preschool and elementary school age children in fun, educational, hands-on, learning to foster an early appreciation of nature. In years past, the BLESS summer nature program has successfully engaged the youth of St. Albert on the science of nature; continuation of the annual program will expand the base of support for natural area protection in St. Albert. Alberta Ecotrust funding will enable the program  to continue this year and build upon the success of previous years.  A growing number of children will be exposed to the wonders of nature and will gain increased appreciation of the importance of protecting natural areas and ecosystems. Change will be demonstrated by increased engagement of area residents on issues of environmental protection.