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All One Sky



Together with The Rockies Institute and the Kainai First Nation, All One Sky are co-designing a participatory method to learning about climate change. This allows for a customized approach that works for the Tribe and the different learning needs within the community. They will create and help deliver educational sessions that provide basic knowledge about climate change (global and local overview) and are suitable to various groups within the Tribe. The Tribe has identified five stakeholder groups they feel would benefit from the Climate Change Knowledge Building & Dialogue Session: Elders, Leaders of Societies, School Board Administrators, External Community Stakeholders, Chief & Council.

This is a collaborative project between All One Sky, The Rockies Institute, and the Kainai First Nation. Members of all three organizations have met and agree that the steps to building a climate resilient future begin with education. They are co-designing the route forward and developing a method of engagement that is truly inspiring. It is their intent to document the journey and to share best-practices in the future with other Tribes as well as practitioners working in the climate change field.