Category: 2018, Completed, Grant, Land Use, Major Project


Ducks Unlimited



In collaboration with CPAWs and two FSC®-Certified Forest Management companies, Ducks Unlimited Canada will work to jointly develop recommendations that would fill potential gaps in protected areas networks in NE Alberta and NW Saskatchewan.

The first phase of the work (completed in March 2018) consisted of a gap analysis assessing the ecological representation of selected conservation features found in existing protected areas. Results confirmed that the existing protected areas did not meet the conservation goals and targets. Phase 2, which this grant is supporting, will consist of collaboratively producing a map and report that will identify a network of candidate conservation areas for terrestrial and inland waters (including existing protected areas) representing the landscape through a range of scenarios that can be conserved through various mechanisms, including protected areas and other effective area-based conservation measures.

With Indigenous and government engagement and input, the project team hopes to provide recommendations that will assist the provinces of Saskatchewan and Alberta with their conservation goals, contribute to achieving Canada’s international conservation obligations, meet the requirements of the Forest Stewardship Council, and most importantly maintain a thriving boreal forest for future generations.