Category: 2013, Completed, Grant, Land Use, Major Project


Cows and Fish

Project Steward

Vaughn Hulleman



Cows and Fish has been delivering extension and education programming since 1992. We have received numerous awards recognising our work, as well as shown we are effective through our formal program evaluation results. We have a strong commitment to critical review and program design and delivery evaluation (it is one of 5 elements in our process) and although we have a strategic plan (updated in 2012), we have never developed a formal communication and extension plan – this project will allows us to develop such a plan. With the many changes occurring in how people learn, seek information and engage with other people, and new media formats, we feel it is time to review our current delivery content and approaches and reflect on the best approaches we can use to help people learn about, value and manage riparian areas and associated landscapes.

We will create a communication and extension plan which will: review existing approaches and recommend updates; examine new media and recommend new areas; and outline evaluation approaches. As part of this review and development process, we will utilise our own experiences, but also work with and learn from our partnering organisations. The development of a communication and extension plan will include identifying, where appropriate, strategic opportunities to collaborate on extension program design or delivery.