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Board Co-Chair, Environment


Danah Duke love of western skies, alpine flowers, prairie grasslands and mountains didn’t start until she packed up my car 19 years ago and left Ontario for what she thought was to be a short fun filled summer in Banff. While she did have a fun filled summer in Banff, Danah also embarked on a journey that continues today. As a child she had been enamoured with wolves and one of my biggest reasons for heading west was to explore any opportunities to work on Banff’s renowned wolf research project that she had read about in Canadian Geographic. As luck would have it, Danah was fortunate enough to spend the next 4 years researching wolves in Banff.

Danah’s early days tracking wolves around the backcountry exposed her to the most challenging issues that wolves faced: dealing with people. Understanding this complex relationship between humans and wildlife has been the foundation of her continual quest to explore how humans and wildlife can coexist and share our landscapes. This is one of conservation’s fundamental challenges and one that her work at the Miistakis Institute allows her to ponder everyday, including how we design and build safer and more wildlife friendly transportation corridors, how we engage citizens in conservation issues, and how we ensure our provincial environmental policies and regulations will ensure Alberta’s treasured wildlife and landscapes are here for her kids to enjoy.

Danah has served as Executive Director at the Miistakis Institute for 13 years. Her background includes a B.Sc. in Biology from McMaster University and a M.Sc. in Ecology and Environmental Biology from the University of Alberta. Danah now calls the west her home, one that she shares with her husband and two daughters. They spend their time exploring the foothills and mountains, and camping in their ’73 Trillium trailer.