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Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary


Dr. Irene M. Herremans is a professor and CPA Managerial Accounting Fellow at the Haskayne School of Business.  For Haskayne, she teaches a course for MBA students titled Evaluating Environmental Performance. She also teaches in the Sustainable Energy Development (SEDV) Master of Science inter-disciplinary program at University of Calgary. In the SEDV program, she facilitates connections between businesses and students for capstone research projects that analyse energy, the environment, and one other dimension of sustainability.   Her research interests focus on many contemporary issues including management and environmental control systems, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, corporate governance for sustainability, experiential learning, education for sustainability, and performance valuation. She has taught sustainability courses in many countries, such as China, Ecuador, Peru, the United States, and the Slovak Republic.  She has received many awards both for her teaching and her research and was recently named a Peak Scholar for her work to develop internships for students to work on applied research projects in several locations in Ecuador.  As Executive Director of Nature’s Ride, a non-profit organization, she works with children and young adults to deliver environmental messages through a fun and innovative platform.  Irene has just published a book titled Sustainability Performance and Reporting and is working on learning modules for Re-thinking the Role of Business. In her spare time she enjoys mountaineering, canoeing, hiking, backcountry and x-country skiing.