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Students will be made aware of their role in and connection to energy production, use, conservation and efficiency and will be challenged to make a personal and/or school-wide commitment to reduce consumption. After learning from experts, students will make a commitment to work within their school and their homes to become more sustainable, to first calculate then reduce their personal GHG contributions – making a connection to the ‘why’.

Alberta is also well known for its fossil fuel production, use and consumption – less well known is the extensive renewable, alternative and energy efficiency exemplars. By featuring some of Edmonton’s world-class alternative and renewable energy projects, alongside energy efficiency initiatives, students will have a chance to want to discover more, and contribute NOW to these endeavors, not at some later, undefined “when I grow up” time frame.

More than ever young people are interested in their connection to energy efficiency, use, conservation and and alternative and renewable energy. This program will provide an outlet for them to extend their knowledge, understanding, engagement and provide venues to learn more, and act appropriately. This project will also provide teachers in Edmonton curriculum relevant learning opportunities at the elementary level – plus provide an outlet for students with interest in energy and environment to move from local to global through the solar lantern project.

Read the Summary Report from the two day learning experience hosted in Edmonton in December of 2015.