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Alberta Council for Environmental Education



Curriculum prescribes the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that students are legally required to learn, and dictates what happens in Alberta classrooms. The Alberta government’s Action on Curriculum agenda has the goal of transforming the K-12 curriculum in Alberta by allowing for the development of  new Curriculum Standards and Guidelines by 2013.

The Alberta Council for Environmental Education (ACEE) is currently in a research partnership with Alberta Education to create an Environmental Education Framework. This Framework may be used in the future to create the new Curriculum Standards and Guidelines (http://abcee.org/albertaeducation/).

David Brower once said “Politicians are like weather vanes — it is our job to make the wind blow.” With Ecotrust’s assistance, ACEE will work with stakeholders in the teaching, corporate, and environmental community as they conduct a widespread engagement of the community to help ‘make the wind blow’. ACEE will update stakeholders on Alberta Education’s transformative work, outline the draft Environmental Education Framework, invite input on the Framework, and weave that input into subsequent drafts. They will also orient the community to the opportunities to show their support for this work. Last but not least, ACEE will create opportunities for the community to participate in Alberta Education’s consultative process and make representation directly to the government.

The goal of this project is engage the community, taking advantage of this unprecedented opportunity to create environmental citizenship and to weave environmental education into all new curriculum, ensuring that in the future Alberta students are environmentally literate, practice environmental citizenship, and become active stewards of Alberta’s water, wilderness, wildlife, air, and climate.