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Evergreen Theatre Society



In 2019, the Evergreen Theatre Society launched Eco Tales, a series re-envisioning well-known fairy-tales into whimsical, entertaining and informative musical theatre shows aimed at increasing awareness and action around issues such as climate change, conservation and energy efficiency while promoting simple actions students can take to care for our earth. 


Evergreen’s next installment in the series, The Wicked Witch of the Wetlands will be a water-inspired adaptation of The Wizard of Oz. The play will introduce youth, educators, their families, and the wider community to issues and perspectives connected to water conservation. Audiences will learn practical solutions to water protection using familiar  elements of The Wizard of Oz narrative. 


In water-rich countries such as Canada, water tends to be taken for granted as many people, particularly children, don’t likely give much thought to the extent to which water is such a critical component of the nexus between food, energy, people and nature. The anticipated impact of a well researched and developed script and guide will be an increased awareness as to why we should care about water and the impact of our daily water decisions. Through the compelling vehicle of story and song, children will be inspired to become better water stewards.


The funding from Alberta Ecotrust enables Evergreen to dedicate staff and time for purposeful research into innovation, stewardship, and sustainability at the intersections of education, art, science and community. This will include consultation with water issue experts from a variety of organizations and perspectives on key water sustainability factors to focus on through the medium of musical theatre for young audiences. Once key content priorities are identified, further work will be done to explore meaningful connections to the Alberta Education curriculum to support learning within and beyond the classroom. The research and consultation phase will also inform the planning and writing process with the playwright, and the development of a resource guide.