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Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative

Project Steward

Cindy Christopher



Alberta’s foothills and Eastern Slopes are renowned for their rugged beauty and unsurpassed recreational opportunities.  Over the next twelve months Albertans have a unique opportunity to decide the future of the South Saskatchewan watershed, which experiences a high degree of competition for its valuable assets, such as scenic vistas, wildlife habitats, clean flowing waters, motorized access points, and natural resources. Unless we can agree on a management approach that reduces this competition and ensures sufficient connected habitat and protection of headwater streams, it is foreseeable that the very assets that we treasure will experience a long-term decline.

Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative (Y2Y) seeks to avoid this fate by engaging decision-makers, residents, the media, visitors and anyone interested in participating in the land use planning process and providing them with the tools needed to engage effectively in the process.

This grant also supports the preparation and design of communications pieces about the draft plan, web site updates, content in newsletters, travel expenses, and regular presence in social media. While increasing Y2Y’s capacity to engage in the process is significant, if we influence a land use plan that creates new forms of protection for habitats and wildlife, protects headwaters, and reduces conflicts between industrial and recreational uses, that legacy will serve Albertans for generations to come. A strong South Saskatchewan plan will also set a precedent for the other five regional plans yet to come. Progress will be measured by the number of responses to Y2Y’s engagement opportunities and the extent to which the final plan reflects our influence.