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Alberta Council for Environmental Education



This project will see students collaborate in the installation of solar panels at their school, explore climate and energy through social studies and science curriculum, and use student presentations and social media to share the impacts of their work. Students will get to see that solar energy is a viable solution.

 This project will support teacher Warren Lake and his Natural Science classroom to develop The Green Energy and Climate Learning Lab, bringing hope and student agency into the discussion of climate change by addressing the role of renewable energy as a solution and taking action to reduce greenhouse gases.

The project will include solar panels and a weather station. This grant will be used for the solar component, which will take the natural science classroom off the energy grid. Students will use real-life data to measure energy outputs and reductions in greenhouses gases, making broader connections to energy production, including its economic, social, and environmental implications.

Students will have an increased understanding of how renewable energy can take us into a sustainable future, and their role in mitigating climate change. This student-led initiative will help students understand the potential they have to create positive climate action. We expect to see a change in students’ skills, knowledge, and attitudes regarding solar energy, energy conservation, and how these actions help conserve our climate. It is anticipated that this project will reduce the carbon footprint of Robert Thirsk High School through the use of solar power. The reduction could even be greater as students become more aware of the impact of their energy usage in general.

Through collaboration with educators and schools who have also embarked on solar, we will create synergy and relevant curriculum tools to help other schools create hands-on climate learning for students. With these connections, students’ public awareness campaign, and opportunities ACEE provides to share learnings with educators, there is an opportunity to extend the impact of this project with other schools. In this way, students will develop an understanding they can bring into their world, making an impact on their families, friends and other networks of influence.


Image Credit: Rachel Pawliuk