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Green Calgary



The environmental concerns and climate crisis that are present in Alberta and around the world are not going to get better without inspiring and empowering all people from all demographics to take action.

Green Calgary engages and empowers Calgarians to create healthy homes, communities, and businesses by providing environmental education, products, services and hands-on support. With more than 10 years of experience in environmental education for youth, Green Calgary knows that the likelihood of students taking action will increase if they see their whole school being involved.

Green Calgary’s Green Streets project recognizes the time is now to bring experts and students together in a fun and engaging fair-like atmosphere to share in a transformational educational experience right in their schools. In this project, students are lead through a number of fun and interactive learning opportunities, and will develop key understandings of – and a connection to – critical environmental issues. Students will then pledge to take action on the areas that they are most passionate about, and will have the opportunity to share their success and challenges with Green Calgary as they navigate their green journeys.

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