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Green Calgary



There are hundreds of community events each year in our City and very few of them are designed to be low- or zero-waste. Hence, events result in a significant consumption of resources, followed by a significant amount of materials, including organics, going to landfill, where it produces a potent greenhouse gas, methane, and also contributes to landfill leachate, which may pollute ground water.

Many community groups have no budget for services to green their events.  This funding will help Green Calgary provide both direct services and education, thus setting groups up with the knowledge they need to green future events.

Green Calgary already provides green event services to events such as The Calgary Folk Festival and Sled Island Festival. We know from this experience that our services can result in a very high waste diversion rate, and reduce or eliminate waste streams. For example, in 2013, Folk Fest achieved a diversion rate of 86%. At another smaller event, the Rocky Ridge Royal Oak Community Association Stampede Breakfast (RRROCA), we helped the group achieve an 80% diversion rate on a breakfast that attracted approximately 2000 people. We anticipate a similar high impact result when working with other organizations. Additionally, each paper plate NOT used saves resources – for example, an estimated 8 gallons of fresh water per plate.

The project will occur at a time when Calgary has experienced an avalanche of waste and when Calgarians are sensitized to the need to move in a more sustainable direction and eager to be part of the solution.   We will engage at least 8 organizations to green their events – eliminating waste or diverting it from landfill and educating organizers and volunteers with the skills they need to green future events. We will know change has occurred when we see more organization read to green their events and when the knowledge is widely distributed and accessible to any group who wants to have low-to zero waste events can do so.   The project will occur in Calgary throughout 2014, with a likely peak time of activity during Stampede season.