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Alberta Tomorrow Foundation



Guardians of the Ice is a multidisciplinary art project that will combine the insights of visual artists, scientists and writers to touch hearts and minds about what is being lost in the Columbia Icefield and what can be done for future generations. The core of the $1,000,000 project is a feature documentary film about the Icefield, the Rocky Mountain region’s crowning glory and a bellwether for the rapid deglaciation that is altering our world and a key indicator of the impact of climate change right here in Alberta.


Alberta Tomorrow has the opportunity to collaborate with the Guardians of the Ice team to acquire film footage and photography that will make a visually compelling case for how climate change is causing the deglaciation of the Columbia Icefield, and demonstrate the impacts throughout the watersheds fed by the Icefield. The collaboration will provide the imagery of these magnificent glaciers, as well as interviews with researchers, alpinists and artists, that will be included in the incorporation of climate data and imagery in the Alberta Tomorrow Land Use simulator, and for classroom materials and to animate classroom visits throughout the province.  


Funding from Alberta Ecotrust allows Alberta Tomorrow to engage the film and photography talent on the Icefield to create the audiovisual, educational components of the project. Five of their 60-80 days of shooting will be dedicated to Alberta Tomorrow’s needs, as well as support field setup for the live video link to bring learning to life for the students.


Students from diverse backgrounds, across Alberta will be able to communicate directly with a researcher in the Icefield, ask questions about the project, about the glacier and witness a demonstration of drilling for an ice core sample.


Making Climate Change real for Alberta students is essential if we as a society are going to move towards changing our attitudes about how we contribute to the problem and behaviours to make change. Alberta Tomorrow will evaluate the students change in attitudes towards climate change and how their experience learning about the loss of glaciers affects their lives. Through student and teacher surveys and interviews, we will collect comments and data to evaluate how their knowledge and behaviour has changed.