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Edmonton & Area Land Trust



The Edmonton & Area Land Trust has as its vision an Edmonton region where natural area systems are valued, preserved for future generations and play a key role in the social, economic and environmental life of the residents of the area.

Open pipes and many fences pose a hazard to wildlife, but most people are not aware of the issues which, if remedied, could save the lives of birds, deer and other wildlife. Through this project, we will demonstrate best practices for land stewardship by modifying fences and open pipe caps on our lands to be safe for wildlife, and will launch an educational campaign to encourage landowners to follow our steps in making their lands and yards wildlife friendly.

Our tangible, on the ground actions at EALT properties will ensure safe habitat for wildlife living and moving through our properties, and our educational campaign will raise awareness of these largely unknown issues that pose a significant hazard for wildlife.

Our project will result in removal and modification of several kilometres of unsafe fences, capping of unsafe open pipes, and education of thousands of people on the topic, with the goal to encourage these people to take similar actions on their own lands.

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