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Iron & Earth



The federal government has recently committed to ambitious climate targets and has released their National Climate Strategy in the form of the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change. This strategy informs the future of energy policy and will transform Canada’s energy sector as it transitions away from fossil fuel dependency. Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan similarly advances a path towards a greener economy and energy diversification. The environmental and political climate is now beneficial for strong action on climate change, yet there is still a distinct lack of support for carbon based energy sector workers to transition and help build this way forward despite the fact that they are, with existing skill-sets, well positioned to do so.

Iron & Earth’s chapter development is dedicated to organizing and developing local communities of workers to build connections, educate themselves on climate change, economic policy and forecasting, and seek tangible job opportunities from industry. Chapter development is a capacity building process through which the worker community can plan, carry out and evaluate activities on a participatory and sustained basis to improve renewable energy prospects and other needs on their own initiative and within the overarching vision, mission and values of Iron & Earth. Chapters are semi-autonomous entities that, in deploying well-proven organizational models, remain sensitive and adaptive to local concerns and participation. With support from EcoCity Edmonton, Iron & Earth will launch a new chapter in Edmonton that will foster a shared sense of belonging and a coherent image of what is possible, and thus help to both curtail the crises of confidence in transition and galvanize motivation to build a renewable economy in Alberta and Edmonton.