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As the Director of the Institute for Community Prosperity at Mount Royal University, James has led the creation of non-credit, co-curricular and credit-based and programs for students and practitioners in social innovation, community investment and the economics of social change. He previously served as a foundation executive and social change consultant with nearly two decades of experience working in the field of philanthropy, including as a senior executive for the Walter & Duncan Gordon Foundation in Toronto. He has also chaired or helped found a number of membership-based philanthropic foundation networks and collaboratives, including the Arctic Funders Collaborative, International Funders for Indigenous Peoples, Circle on Philanthropy and Aboriginal Peoples in Canada, and Environment Funders Canada (formerly the Canadian Environmental Grantmakers Network). Stauch currently serves as an Advisor to the Metcalf Foundation and as part of the Leadership Faculty within the Conference Board of Canada’s Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Institute. He is the lead author of an annual scan of trends and emerging issues, produced in partnership with Calgary Foundation, and is a regular contributor to the Future of Good, Disrupting Good, The Philanthropist and KCI Philanthropy Trends. His work has also been published in American Behavioural Scientist, Urban Affairs, the Association for Nonprofit and Social Economy Research Journal, the Northern Review, and Voluntas. He also recently co-authored a chapter on the role of business in advancing social impact, as part of the first-ever textbook on the nonprofit sector in Canada (forthcoming). His most recent publications include co-authoring In Search of the Altruithm: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Social Good, a Students’ Guide to Mapping a System, produced with the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship at Oxford University, and The Problem Solver’s Companion: 10 Steps to Starting a Social Enterprise in Canada, produced with Encompass Co-op.