Category: Environment, GRC Member


Jeff Reading is Director, Operations and Enterprise Development with C3 (formerly Climate Change Central), a national social enterprise dedicated to climate change mitigation and adaptation. Before joining C3, Jeff was the lead for the City of Calgary’s Ecological Footprint Program. Prior to that he was as an environmental and outdoor education teacher, consultant and program specialist with the Calgary Board of Education. He has also worked with Alberta Environment designing and delivering education programs across Southern Alberta’s Provincial Parks.

Jeff has served on numerous boards, including the Alberta Council for Environmental Education (Chair), The Green Learning Canada Foundation (Vice-Chair), the Global, Environmental and Outdoor Education Council of the Alberta Teachers Association (President) and the Association For Experiential Education (Director). Jeff holds a B.A. from York University, a B. of Educ. From Queen’s University and a M.A. from San Diego State University. His wife, Shelagh, and their children David and Meghan share a love of international travel and exploring natural environments together. Jeff has been an active member of the Alberta Ecotrust grant review committee since 1994 with a two-year hiatus in 2002-2003.