Jennifer Janzen

Category: Environment, GRC Member


Jennifer Janzen is Executive Director of the Alberta Tomorrow Foundation.  She has over 25 years of experience delivering Environmental Education programs for various parks and conservation authorities.  She has also worked as a high school biology teacher, plant ecologist and environmental consultant.  She holds a Bachelor of Science in Land-use and Environmental Studies and Bachelor of Education from the University of Saskatchewan. Her unique background allows her to communicate knowledge of our natural world in an effective way to both students and members of the public.  She enjoys her work with the Alberta Tomorrow Simulator as the technology allows users to see changes taking place on the landscape that would otherwise not be seen if standing in one place at one time. When not working, you’ll find her hiking, biking or camping with her husband and two daughters.

“Although I grew up in the city, I learned about the natural world through family camping trips and visits to the family farm, where tromping through the poplar bluffs picking mushrooms or berries was a common pastime.  Getting people of all ages excited about the wonders of the natural world has always been my passion.”