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Relay Education



The Kid’s World of Energy (KWE) Classroom program’s dynamic sessions use our unique demonstration wind turbines and solar panels to help teachers meet Alberta Science curriculum while providing real experiences with renewable energy. The program consists of half or full day sessions, linked to curriculum in grades 4-6.

With support from EcoCity Edmonton, the KWE programs are being provided within elementary schools in the City of Edmonton, to start the conversation about renewable energy and the best energy choices for our environment early, and to build energy literacy in the our youth. Through having conversations about energy sources early, we can enable the next generation of decisions makers in Edmonton to make strong choices about their own energy use, and how we source our energy on a larger scale. This aligns with the City of Edmonton Energy Transition strategy, by providing education to citizens, and impacting future energy use.

Three workshop options are available, such as:

Concentrate on Conservation: students test blade configurations, learn about the transfer of energy and perspectives on conserving energy in their everyday lives. While using wind turbines, students will complete experiments that hone skills such as data recording, and working in teams.

Capture the Wind: students connect parallel and series circuits, and identify the difference between conductors and insulators. While using wind turbines, students will complete experiments with various blade configurations.

Plug into the Sun: Activities include using miniature solar PV panels to identify the best wavelength for generating electricity as well as the effects of heat on solar panels. In addition, we discuss facts about our solar system such as spectrographs, relative size of astronomical bodies and transfer of energy. Students also build and race solar cars.

Full day sessions consist of one of the KWE workshops with the addition of a Renewable Energy Design Challenge in the afternoon. For the challenge, students are tasked to design and build a model wind turbine or solar powered model car.