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Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Society



This project is a follow up to the 2012 grant “Pine Creek Homecoming: Beaver Reintroduction for Watershed Health”. The previous project successfully reintroduced a beaver family to Goodwin Pond at the Ann and Sandy Cross Conservation Area (ASCCA), while implementing long term water quality monitoring at the same time.

Wetlands are nature’s water storage; they release water slowly, preventing drastic erosion and allowing groundwater stores to recharge. Beavers have traditionally provided an important role in ecosystem health through the provision of healthy wetlands, which serve to hold high quality water in upper watershed areas for groundwater recharge and surface run-off, and increase the diversity of riparian habitat for mammals, birds, and amphibians.

Building upon the success of the beaver reintroduction, ASCCA will continue to implement a citizen science program documenting the use of beavers to retain water and improve water quality. They will also be creating an outreach and extension program for land owners/managers and policy makers, promoting beavers as an alternative to building publicly-funded and ecologically damaging infrastructure such as dams and reservoirs to retain water.


GREG SHYBA, CEO of Ann and Sandy Cross Conservation Society

We believe what we’re doing will serve as a model for other reintroductions and really demonstrate beaver benefits for watersheds. It’s exciting to have the beavers back home.