Category: Board Member


Grant Review Committee & Board Co-Chair, Environment


Mark Bennett enjoys the privilege of being the Executive Director of the Bow River Basin Council and has held the position for the past 9 years. In this role he is blessed by the opportunity to work with great colleagues, both staff and volunteers. Working with the Council offers both challenges and rewards and is never boring. Mark and his family came to Alberta in 1998 from Winnipeg where he had spent the previous 14 years in Emergency Management, where he learned a great deal about the value of planning and teamwork. These two skills lend themselves well to the operations of the Bow River Basin Council. Mark also learned that the secret to success is to know what you’re doing and to surround yourself with really good people. He has the latter covered and is always working on the former.

Mark holds an undergraduate degree in biology from Queen’s University. He has both a Certificate in Public Sector Management and a Masters in Public Administration from the University of Manitoba. Mark’s recent studies include the pursuit of an Environmental Management Certificate from the University of Calgary and a Non-Profit Management Certificate from Mount Royal University.