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Nature Alberta



Nature Deficit Disorder as coined by Louv (2008) is a term indicating the negative repercussions that stem from a diminishing connection between children and nature. Pioneers of the Children and Nature movement suggest that “an upbringing without experience in the natural world not only influences later preferences, educational practice, and national policy on the environment but has a marked effect on physical and mental health as well as learning capacities” (Weigl, 2009).

Alberta has a wealth of natural areas, parks and green spaces. Children, and their families should be provided with opportunities to discover and experience their natural world. It has been suggested that children with families that are involved in nature education are “happier, less stressed, more cooperative, more self­‐disciplined, better problem solvers, and more creative” (Charles, 2009).

The aim of Nature Kids is to foster a passion for nature in a younger generation of naturalists who may, one day, be the ones to take action on behalf of the environment.