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Next Up’s climate programs (The CLP and the Climate Leadership Intensives) will help to build a deeper and broader platform of support within Alberta for climate change action and policy, so that Alberta can become an international leader in climate action. Specifically, this proposal will help to build a stronger and more diverse network of climate leadership in the city of Edmonton, and connect it to provincial climate action efforts. We will do this through four related Next Up Leadership events in Edmonton: 1) a three-day climate leadership intensive training for newcomers; 2) a four-day climate leadership intensive training for mothers with children who are in grade 6 or below; 3) one weekend retreat in the CLP’s 5 retreat series; and, 4) the Climate Connections event that will bring together participants from each of the preceding events along with other groups and people in Edmonton, who are already working on climate change efforts to discuss project and collaboration possibilities which will enhance and increase climate action in Edmonton.

All of the programming described in this project targets people who are not necessarily current climate leaders, or even focused on climate change in their present work. Through developing climate literacy and leadership skills amongst these participants, Next Up will build a more diverse climate leadership network that will bring conversations and action on climate change into their Edmonton communities and organizations.

Visible climate leadership from outside the environmental sector (i.e. the usual suspects), is needed to shift the perception that climate change is solely an environmental issue and highlight the ways relevant action can be taken across the province, and by multiple actors. Current approaches to climate solutions are not benefiting from the knowledge and experience held by people who are outside of the traditional sphere of environment, climate policy and action. By increasing the number and diversity of climate focused activists and organizations in Edmonton, Next Up will extend the impact of their network’s existing 250 grads and 60 engaged presenters to new sectors, and contribute to the important work of breaking down those sectors’ unique challenges.