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Climate Change is the overarching crisis of our time. Many people feel powerless or ineffective when faced with the challenge of understanding and addressing the complex and overwhelming causes and effects of climate change. Others are uncertain as to how they can help address climate change in their lives and work. The Next Up Climate Leadership Program (CLP) builds the capacity of Albertans who are on leadership pathways in communities and organizations that do not necessarily have climate change as their core focus, to drive diverse and collaborative climate change action forward.

Participants may work in: trade unions, municipal government, the energy sector, not for profits, the cultural sector, cooperatives, education, health care and so on. Throughout the program, cohort members will explore current and future climate impacts, relevant action strategies and frameworks, and the critical role that Canada and Alberta need to play to avert climate catastrophe. Over the course of the CLP, participants will learn how to support and lead action on climate change in Alberta, from within their communities, organizations and across sectors. They will also work and network with resource people, experts, past CLP grads and other community leaders who are developing and leading climate action in Alberta.

Furthermore, the CLP the cohort will learn about climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts already taking place in Alberta, examine various policy levers, explore what other relevant jurisdictions are doing, develop leadership skills, and explore how they can use their professional and personal resources to incorporate climate as a lens to leverage positive solutions and collaboration to address climate change in Alberta. Participants will meet Alberta’s climate policy and action leaders and explore their diverse theories of change and areas of strategic focus.

Participants will leave the program understanding the current and future impacts of climate change on their sectors and other sectors represented in the program, having new connections to a provincial network of climate leaders and having more knowledge about their role as allies with Indigenous climate work. At the conclusion of the program, participants will have also developed an action plan to bring back into their community or organization that maps out steps they plan to take to advance action on climate change in Alberta. After completion of the program, grads will stay in contact with peer mentors for support in the implementation of their plans.