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Global Youth Education Society



Climate change is the overarching crisis of our time. Many people feel powerless or ineffective in dealing with the overwhelming nature of climate change. Others are uncertain how they can help address climate change in their lives and work. The Climate Leadership Program (CLP) will build the capacity of its’ participants to take leadership and drive climate action from their areas of personal and organizational situation in Alberta. This program fits well with our mandate of training emerging leaders for social and environmental justice work. The CLP also provides us with an opportunity to deliver a program that is dedicated to exploring one main issue, in this case, climate change and merging that exploration with some of our core programming around leadership development and leadership skills development.

The Climate Leadership Program will build the capacity of people who are on leadership pathways in organizations that do not necessarily have climate change as their core focus. For example, program participants may work in: not for profits that focus on newcomers, education, health care, the private sector, government, the cooperative sector, credit unions, and so on. Program participants will explore what needs to be done to address climate change and the role that Canada and Alberta need to play within that framework. Participants will receive a foundation on the state of the climate crisis and on current and future climate change impacts in Alberta. Participants will learn how they can support and lead action on climate change from within their organizations and their field of interest. Participants will work with and learn from resource people and experts who understand the Alberta social change context. Participants will learn about efforts to tackle climate change already taking place in Alberta, explore what other relevant jurisdictions are doing on this front, develop collaboration and action planning skills, and explore how they can use their professional and personal resources to incorporate climate as a lens to leverage positive solutions and collaboration to address climate change.

At the conclusion of the program participants will have developed a strategic plan for how their organization/sector can both support climate action by others and how they can bring a climate lens into their work to help advance action on climate change in Alberta.