Category: Environment, GRC Member


As the Executive Director of Cows and Fish, Norine helps landowners, communities and natural resource professionals recognize the value of riparian areas, and what they can do to maintain these areas as healthy, productive pieces of our landscape. Her work with community leaders, organisations and agencies who work on watershed and landscape health emphasises sharing lessons learned in effective program delivery.

Norine has spent a over 15 years overseeing and leading a variety of Cows and Fish research projects. Her experience involves extensive development of new outreach and monitoring tools as well as many written and oral presentations, papers and training. Prior to joining Cows and Fish, she worked on wetland ecology at the University of Alberta. She holds a diploma in Renewable Resources from NAIT and a Bachelor of Science, with Specialization in Zoology related to wildlife conservation, from the University of Alberta.



“My family, particularly my grandmother, always had a wildflower book. Growing up on a farm, I spent a lot of time outdoors and was always trying to learn all the names of wildflowers and birds. Tromping across the hills, around wetlands and trees of central Alberta where I grew up led to me having a strong sense of joy when in nature, and has led to my desire to help share that appreciation with others, while at the same time emphasizing the important role of landowners, farmers and ranchers play in the environment.”