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Bow River Basin Council with the Nose Creek Watershed Partnership



The Nose Creek watershed is impacted by the cumulative effects of increasing residential and commercial development, industrial growth, stormwater discharge, agricultural activity, and channelization. Urban development and agricultural activity have resulted in degraded water quality, loss and degradation of riparian areas, an overall reduction in channel length, and an increase in water flows above natural in urban areas during certain times of the year. A common watershed-scale tool is needed to support multi-jurisdictional land use management, and to protect/restore watershed functions.  


The Nose Creek Watershed Partnership (NCWP) recently updated the Nose Creek Watershed Water Management Plan that has guided land management decisions in the basin since 2008. The NCWP’s mission is to facilitate the implementation of the recommendations in the Plan. A priority recommendation identified by the NCWP and stakeholders is to “collaborate with partners to develop a watershed-scale predictive model”. 


With funding from Alberta Ecotrust, the NCWP will hire a consultant to gather and compile data, and create the framework to guide the development of the model. The model will support the protection and restoration of streamflows, water quality, riparian areas and wetlands in the watershed.


The model will be used by municipalities, other resource managers and industry to 1) better understand current watershed conditions, and 2) predict future conditions based on growth in the region. The model will be used to evaluate potential tools, approaches and options to address urban stormwater impacts on flooding and water quality in the watershed.