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Electricity costs represent a significant percentage of the overall operating cost of most performing arts facilities. Conventional Theatre lighting systems require a lot of electricity to power them as a typical theatre light draws between 500 Watts and 2000 Watts of electricity when powered on. Stages around the world are lit with hundreds of these fixtures in order to create the varying looks and mood using colours and texture.

Recent innovations in LED technology have evolved to the point at which most theatre lighting can now be replaced with LED equivalents, with little or no compromise to light quality, and in some cases, even offer new features and capabilities not available in the past. Modern LED theatre lights run on only 25% of the electricity of their conventional equivalents, and as a result represent not only savings on electricity, but also have a significant impact on heating and cooling loads in the theatres that they are being used in.

This grant will replace ageing lighting instruments with state of the art equipment for one of three theatres (the PCL Studio Theatre) to ensure this venue continues to be attractive, affordable, and well-used by arts groups in Edmonton.