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DreamRider Productions



DreamRider is at the cutting edge of online/offline story creation and impact for young audiences through digital programs that combine art, technology, comedy, music and fun. In 2018, DreamRider will partner with the First Nations Technical Services Advisory Group (TSAG) to create and integrate new Indigenous content into their existing digital online classroom program, Planet Protector Academy: Zero Heroes (video overview).

The new Indigenous Zero Heroes will combine narrative video, game design, and engaging offline arts activities into an immersive, interactive experience, through which elementary school kids – especially Indigenous kids – learn about, collaborate creatively, and take action on waste reduction. The new content will be created in deep and ongoing consultation with Elders and culture keepers. Indigenous Zero Heroes will engage the whole child – heart, mind, body, spirit. Prompted by fun superhero characters on screen, kids sing and dance along, play games and do crafts as they learn about waste reduction, how it relates to Indigenous culture, and what they can do to drive change. They take environmental actions home to their families via the “superheroes on a mission” framework, reaching into communities that are often underserved.

Once developed, the program will be piloted in 36 elementary classrooms across Alberta during the 2018-19 academic year – including 14 band schools and schools in major centres such as Calgary and Edmonton.