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Southwest Alberta Sustainable Community Initiative



Given increasing development pressures from multiple industries on grasslands of the foothills and eastern slopes, there is an urgent need to determine effective restoration methods and promote industry stewardship on native grassland landscapes. Developing guidelines to improve reclamation practice supports the Foothills Restorations Forums mission to educate and disseminate information that will improve reclamation practice and stewardship. Thus far, similar studies have been completed for the Dry Mixedgrass, Mixedgrass and Northern Fescue Natural Subregions. This project is required to complete the suite of new tools.

The objectives of this project are to seek meaningful critique and buy-in of the draft guidance document, “Recovery Strategies for Industrial Development on Native Grassland” in two workshop settings, one by Calgary region stakeholders, and another in southern Alberta, both including the ranching community. The result of the workshops will be incorporated into the final document, which will then be published and promoted widely to relevant audiences. This study is a discrete part of a multi-year initiative to revisit industry revegetation strategies to improve restoration outcomes for native prairie in each Subregion of the Grassland Natural Region and fescue grasslands in the neighboring Foothills Parkland and Montane Subregions. The resulting guidance documents are being used in colleges and at workshops to educate practitioners and they are being referenced in guidance documents issued by provincial regulators (AEP).

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