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Climate Reality Project




The Community Climate Hub initiative was launched in 2017 by Climate Reality Canada. Its objective was to support diverse, citizen-led hubs acting locally to implement solutions to the climate crisis. In Calgary, beginning in May 2017, a diverse group of professionals, academics, activists, and citizens have combined forces to work towards strengthening climate action in the city.

These Hubs lie at the confluence of civil society, business, government, and citizens. Political environments are difficult to transform as they rely heavily on diverse and broad-based support for decision-making. Citizens lacking peer-to-peer support are less likely to participate in their democracy. Hubs help provide support for citizens to collectively express their eagerness to transition to a more efficient, healthy and sustainable economy. Local actors will make the difference by providing grassroots support for local governments to incorporate climate change mitigation and adaptation in their spending.

To date, the Calgary Climate Hub has been a completely volunteer-led organization. It has already accumulated approximately 177 volunteer hours by over 30 volunteers. Alberta Ecotrust’s investment will allow the Hub to hire a full-time coordinator based in Calgary who could catalyze climate action by growing the Hub and empowering individuals and organizations to take meaningful action on climate change. By having a fully funded position, the Hub can build on the momentum gained through their current activities around the City’s Climate Resilience Plan, and be actively engaged in the implementation process moving forward.