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Hromada Housing Co-operative



The Hromada Housing Co-operative is installing an off-grid solar charging station in their garden shed as part of their plan to replace all of their yard maintenance implements (lawnmowers, trimmers, leaf blowers, etc.) with battery operated machines. According to a U.S. EPA report, a new gas powered mower emits the equivalent amount of greenhouse gases in 1 hour of operation as 11 new cars for 1 hour of driving (average of 88 lbs carbon emissions per season).

However, in Edmonton battery powered plug-in implements are still dependent on our coal burning grid and so are still responsible for some emissions. A solar charging station installed in their toolshed will enable them to get to zero emissions.

An impediment they have discovered with battery powered equipment is the inconvenience of lugging the batteries home for charging and then returning them charged for the next member’s use. Many members have chosen to continue using gas powered implements rather than bothering with this routine. By setting up a charging station in the shed, they hope the convenience provided will encourage a change of old habits and make it viable to achieve zero carbon gardening and yard maintenance.