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Riverdale Community League


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Renewable Energy is an important element of Edmonton’s Energy Transition Strategy. The Riverdale Community League will install a 8.64kW utility-tied flat roofed Solar Gazebo. This project will showcase a functional form of green energy appropriate for school and league grounds where there is often perfect solar access and a need for shade. The project could alternatively serve as a power-producing band-shelter, picnic shelter, or bike/car shelter.

The system will provide verifiable data that can be collected and disseminated as a focal point of public education initiatives. This project will serve to establish the potential of all of Edmonton’s 157 leagues as effective partners for promoting uptake of Edmonton’s Energy Transition Strategy. By 2035, the strategy will reduce Edmonton’s GHG to 35% below 2005 levels. All of us will have to work together as climate change effects everyone. As we build more localized renewable energy systems we all need to learn that there are easy ways to reduce our own energy use by the needed 25%.

This project demonstrates that Riverdale is proud of Edmonton’s Energy Transition Strategy and wants to help every citizen pull together to understand and reach the goals of the transition strategy.