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Riverdale Community League



Renewable energy is an important element of Edmonton’s Energy Transition Strategy and Community Leagues have a big role to play in increasing the energy efficiency of their operations and engaging citizens to participate in energy transition. In 2017, with support from EcoCity Edmonton, the Riverdale Community League installed a 8.64kW utility-tied flat roofed Solar Gazebo. This project showcases a functional form of green energy appropriate for school and league grounds where there is often perfect solar access and a need for shade. Situated on league grounds, this multi-purpose Solar Gazebo provides electricity for staging outdoor events such as weddings, concerts, award ceremonies and community events.

The system also provides verifiable data that can be collected and disseminated as a focal point of public education initiatives. You can view the energy production from the Solar Gazebo in real time here.

This project demonstrates that the Riverdale Community League is proud of Edmonton’s Energy Transition Strategy and wants to help every citizen pull together to understand and reach the goals of the transition strategy. As part of this project, Riverdale started conversations and informal education on solar systems via newsletters, league meetings, two Gazebo “launches” and via social media. You can learn more about the Riverdale Community League’s commitment to sustainability at their new website:

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