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St. Paul's United Church



Climate change is a critical issue that is becoming increasingly urgent, and the St. Paul’s community is passionate about taking action to be more sustainable, in alignment with all levels of government that are currently pursuing action to reduce emissions and advance renewable energy. This project will install 23 kW of grid connected solar panels on St. Paul’s United Church to supply approximately 100% of the churches electricity demand. Energy produced in excess of church demand will supply renewable power to the broader community. This will reduce greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuel electricity generation in Alberta and provide renewable energy into the grid. As a highly visible installation on a large rooftop located on a high traffic avenue (76 Ave) it will promote awareness of alternative, renewable energy initiatives and their viability and hopefully inspire others to investigate, if not pursue, renewable energy possibilities.

Based on estimated annual generation of 28,350 kWh, and an assumed current grid intensity of 0.64t CO2e/MWh, this project will reduce emissions by up to 18 tonnes of CO2e per year. By installing on an existing steep pitch, unobstructed, south facing roof this project will generate the maximum amount of energy with no incremental land use and minimal cost.

St. Paul’s believes the time is right to proceed with this project given the policy commitments of all levels of government. The time is right for this community because they have already undertaken many of the ‘low hanging fruit’ energy efficiency initiatives such as LED lighting, improved insulation and new windows. These projects have gone well and they are ready to undertake a more significant and visible project that will have a larger impact and make a statement on our commitment to environmental sustainability.