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Zion Baptist Church of Kensington



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Son-Light 53.592525, -113.527826 Son-LightThe Zion Baptist Church wants to be part of leading change. They are converting their electrical energy source to solar and also reduce their power consumption through facility improvements. They hope to generate excitement around energy conversion which will result in community promotion and build Edmonton\'s plan to be sustainable and carbon-neutral.Learn more.


Zion Baptist Church is a congregation of almost 200 people and they want to be a leader in our community caring for people and places. 70% of the congregation are newcomers to Canada. They live out their mission through hosting a community garden, sponsoring refugees, offering summer daycamps and providing free meeting space for non-profit community groups.

However, they also want to be leaders in our care for the world. That is the reason that they upgraded our furnace last year to a high efficiency model, and that is why they have already begun the process of replacing their lights with LEDs and timed switches (as appropriate).

This project will install a solar energy system on the south facing roof of the Zion Baptist church and complete the conversion of their lights to LEDs. Zion Baptist Church uses on average 2000kWhrs/month of electricity. The installation will generate community interest as the facility is well utilized by their own congregation and other community groups for small and large group meetings, summer daycamps, seniors’ events and space for non-profits. As the facility is both visible and well utilized by the public, the project will serve to promote greening in the Kensington/Calder neighbourhood of Edmonton. They anticipate that awareness of the project will be disseminated throughout the almost 200 people who are part of our congregation and their networks, as well as the other groups that use the facility and the Kensington Public School students/teachers(where their pastor serves as the chaplain).