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Zion Baptist Church of Kensington



Zion Baptist Church is a congregation of almost 200 people and they want to be a leader in our community caring for people and places. 70% of the congregation are newcomers to Canada. They live out their mission through hosting a community garden, sponsoring refugees, offering summer daycamps and providing free meeting space for non-profit community groups.

However, they also want to be leaders in our care for the world. That is the reason that they upgraded their furnace to a high efficiency model, and that is why they have already begun the process of replacing their lights with LEDs and timed switches (as appropriate).

With support from EcoCity Edmonton, this project installed a 24.48 kw solar energy system on the south facing roof of the Zion Baptist church and completed the conversion of their lights to LEDs. Zion Baptist Church uses on average 2000kWhrs/month of electricity and this array is predicted to offset their annual energy use by 130%.

Zion Baptist formally presented the solar array and why acting on climate change is important to their congregation several times, and their energy production is displayed weekly after each Sunday Service. In addition to reaching out to their congregation, the church hosted two solar events to provide education on solar to their community and also to students from the Kensington Public School.

In their words, “Our primary mission is to show the love of God to others. Caring for creation is one way to care for not only the earth but the people in it. This project allowed us to put our money behind our beliefs.”

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