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In 2009, the County of Lac La Biche developed a watershed management plan identifying areas of concern in the Lac La Biche watershed and detailing recommendations for improvements. To date, very few of these recommendations have been implemented. The first recommendation in the plan was to establish a Watershed Stewardship Group to establish a community membership dedicated to enacting these recommendations.

The short term goals of the Stewards of Lac La Biche Watershed are to establish a community based membership and governance to increase the reach and the longevity of this group. The focus will be on membership and capacity building, outreach and education programs, as well as some water quality/quantity monitoring projects. In a short time we expect the creation of a watershed stewardship group that will be moving towards the completion of the recommendations set out in our local watershed management plan.

The Stewards of Lac La Biche Watershed proposes a multi­phase project on Lac la Biche to integrate and implement the recommendations of the 2009 Lac La Biche Watershed Management Plan. They will work in collaboration with partner groups to implement recommendations identified under water quality, water quantity, riparian areas and wetlands, and fisheries, waterfowl and wildlife.

The Lac la Biche Watershed Stewardship Project will engage the community to better understand the health of the lake through active stewardship activities. Land use, riparian habitat changes, and existing sensitive fish and wildlife habitats will be identified through the collection of sound scientific data. It will provide an opportunity to improve land ­use and lake management decisions in a manner that better protects, stabilizes and enhances important fish and wildlife habitats and the water they depend on.