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Trout Unlimited Canada



Trout Unlimited Canada is well recognized for its expertise in stream rehabilitation. On-the-ground watershed and stream rehabilitation work by governments is becoming more constrained, and the public are being asked to do more and more to protect and restore their local streams.


In response to this demand, Trout Unlimited Canada has designed the Stream Rehabilitation Training Program. This program is intended to build more capacity for local groups and communities to undertake local stream rehabilitation projects that are better designed, more strategic and more likely to be successful in the face of challenges with damaged streams and their associated watersheds. 


With funding from Alberta Ecotrust, Trout Unlimited Canada will host a six part workshop series, training 60 to 90 professionals and volunteers in the science and application of watershed and stream rehabilitation to improve water quality, habitat, biodiversity and overall stream health for the environment and people. 


In the short term, the workshops will lead to an increase in understanding the science and best practices of rehabilitating streams and watersheds. The long-term intent is to build a community of practice and to train community members and professionals who will continue to train and educate more people in their community. As a result of the training program, local streams and watersheds will be more resilient to handle problems and changes and ultimately protect the natural resources of Alberta’s watersheds.


Register for the Fall 2019 Stream Rehabilitation Training Program here.