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Many community members in Edmonton agree that immediate action is required to help curb global warming and reduce the human impact on the environment. However, for many citizens, it seems like a daunting goal that should be left to professionals, scientists, and policymakers.

The Sun-in-a-box is a portable, off-grid, solar power device integrated with a Raspberry Pi computer developed by University of Alberta Engineering students for the specific purpose of increasing awareness, participation and knowledge in solar technology as a sustainable energy source. This project is intended to bring the Sun-in-a-box to K-12 students and community members through educational engagement sessions across Edmonton in school and community halls.

The goal of this project is to bring the scale of the climate change challenge down to something that can inspire and engage students and adults alike to see the magic of power generated by the sun. In addition, seeing the creation and presentations from University students helps exemplify the accessibility of solar and renewable power for all citizens.

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