Category: 2012, Climate, Completed, Major Project


Ramsay Community Association and The Natural Step Canada



Collaborating with The Natural Step Canada and other partners, the Ramsay Community Association will build capacity among stakeholders and develop a pilot Sustainable Neighbourhood Action Plan in the Calgary neighbourhood of Ramsay.

Generally, municipal sustainability planning has primarily taken place at the city-wide level. However, it is widely recognized that neighbourhoods can play a pivotal role in the success of these plans, as it is at the local level where implementation occurs and where opportunities can be realized. There has been a growing trend among municipalities over the past few years to undertake more specific, localized neighbourhood planning processes in which residents, neighbourhood stakeholders, and businesses collaborate on strategies to make their neighbourhoods vibrant and healthy places to live.

This project is intended to engage and empower the neighbourhood of Ramsey in a way that draws on local knowledge. It will harness the unique social, cultural, economic, environmental, and governance needs in the neighbourhood and align with existing community-wide sustainability plans, priorities, and activities. By incorporate lessons learned during the pilot into a final Sustainable Neighbourhood Action Planning Guide , other neighbourhoods across the province can follow Ramsay’s lead.

This is an exciting initiative that will empower Albertans to create Sustainable Neighbourhood Action Plans that are aligned with municipal planning initiatives. By working at the neighbourhood level, people engaged in this project have a very direct relationship with–and personal investment in–their local environment. They are highly motivated to protect, improve, and sustain their environment, and are deeply committed to leading their neighbourhoods toward sustainability for generations to come.

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