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Alberta Riparian Habitat Management Society (Cows & Fish)



The Bighill Creek Preservation Society’s mission is to preserve the watershed through the development of an overall watershed plan. Obtaining scientific data is pivotal in building the baseline data that will allow us to develop our plan. Each piece of scientific data contributed by their team: Dr. Fouli, Cows and Fish, Trout Unlimited will be fundamental to the development of their overall plan.

The data is anticipated to indicate the need to alter and improve the preservation of this area which is under the threat of an explosion of industrial activity and population increase. The Bighill Creek Preservation Society has concern for the imminent future of this watershed, so long in a primitive state, but now under increasing threats by development. Success will be indicated by the team’s ability to alter behaviour within the watershed leading to its overall good health.

Cows and Fish will employ multiple strategies to complete this first year of their water quality work which will allow them to assess where they must go next. This research is timely, as a few new large-scale gravel pits have recently received planning approval in the headwaters of Bighill Creek.

Their research will be shared and communicated through the Bow River Basin Council Quarterly meetings, at the Cochrane Environmental Action Committee AGM, and with the larger environmental community in Alberta.


Read the Bighill Creek Preservation Society’s research reports here.


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