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The Arusha Centre



The Arusha Centre is a collectively run, member-supported organisation that provides resources and initiatives on social justice and environmental issues. The Arusha Centre has observed that Calgary currently has access to the government support and political will to become more sustainable. They’re notice that the economy is beginning to shift, but that Calgary’s culture is showing some reluctance.

Through the Arusha Centre’s Open Streets Events, a climate change education project that is exciting and experiential, the programming opens participants eyes to electricity generation and consumption. Because participants are thrilled to participate, it serves as inspiration for a wholesale shift in societal thinking toward reduced power and energy consumption as Calgarians experience the social, health, economic, and environmental benefits.

Over the past two years Open Streets Events has had 14,000 participants experience electricity production and consumption; riding a bike generator, making an eco-pledge button, or taking part in environmental programming. Alberta Ecotrust support will leverage existing self-generated and funding support, tripling the Alberta Ecotrust investment. Open Streets Events will be able to double the annual participants, engaging 7,000 more participants in the year ahead. Digital followers will increase from 5,000 to 7,500 and this will build relationships after they’ve participated in our programming to allow impact measurement and expand the culture of sustainability in Calgary.