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Edmonton Nature Club



Since 2009, researchers at the University of Alberta have made significant progress in understanding the apparent rise in nuisance coyote reports in cities across North America. Working with the Edmonton Nature Club, these researchers have been working diligently to bring their work to the public through presentations, and interaction website, and outreach. This year, they’ll use Alberta Ecotrust funds to complete their final analyses to understand the interactions between human food, parasite transmission, and human-wildlife conflict.

Using these results, the Edmonton Nature Club will design a public outreach campaign based on coyote spatial ecology, diet, and health to prevent factors that lead to negative human-coyote interactions. The long term goal is to promote and monitor a cultural change of coexistence with urban wildlife and positive human-coyote interactions to foster greater appreciation for natural areas in urban landscapes across North America.

Live in Edmonton? Help the Edmonton Nature Club map coyote sightings and encounters using their online tool.