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Tomorrow Foundation for a Sustainable Future



Have you ever wondered how the trees on your property benefit you?

Have you ever considered how much of our urban forest resides on private property?

Or how neighbourhoods are changing as the City of Edmonton increases density?

The Tomorrow Foundation is piloting a community tree count in the Queen Alexandra neighbourhood to answer these questions. As Edmonton shifts to become a climate resilient city, one of the most cost effective and beneficial ways to mitigate climate change is through preserving and planting trees. The Tomorrow Foundation will work with community scientists to help collect data of existing trees. They will then analyze this data to understand how the trees interact with our urban environment, as well as identify where new trees can potentially be planted. The Tomorrow Foundation will then use this information to educate residents and the real estate community about the benefits of sustainable growth. Their success will be indicated by an overall increased awareness of the importance of trees and all the benefits that they offer, as well as a more informed understanding of how best to increase density while maintaining our private urban forest.