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Edmonton Tool Library



In 2016 the Edmonton Tool Library (ETL) launched at Bellevue Community League. Ran by volunteer board members and tool librarians, the first year of the library resulted in over 75 memberships and a lending inventory of over 400 tools. Now that sound operating procedures, software proficiency, and governance have been established it is time for the Tool Library to begin a community outreach program to expand the reach of the library and increase membership/loan numbers and ultimately reduce greater amounts of emissions associated with consumption.

The ETL addresses emissions by helping with energy efficiency upgrades and renovations, reduce driving to hardware stores, and by reducing consumption. As the rate of urbanization increases so too does the need to access tools for building and repairs. As Edmonton places greater importance on the energy efficiency of homes, access to the resources for citizens to do their own home renovations will be facilitated by the ETL. Through the “Thingery” model, the ETL will reduce emissions by distributing access to tools and information throughout the city. Increasing citizen awareness of the ETL will reduce emissions by minimizing the need for tool purchases and therefore manufacturing. When everyone agrees to leave tools in a community space and use them only when they need them, we save on the packaging, water, fuel and rare earth minerals that go into producing tools.