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Kate Chegwin Junior High School



Kate Chegwin Junior High school is working to transform the learners of today into the leaders of tomorrow. By helping students and community members gain a better understanding of energy efficiency, consumption and production they will become more aware of what sustainable living is and how to achieve it.

There are several different aspects to this exciting project. First and foremost is the installation of a solar PV system that is intended to offset the electricity that is consumed by the schools gardening projects. Students will also perform classroom energy audits which will equip them with the skills to then take the audit kits home and perform their own house audit. Next, students will have the opportunity to go on field trips to NAIT in order to learn more about possible career pathways in the alternative energy industry. The final piece of the project will see the school bring together the community and leading alternative energy groups for information sessions and a chance to learn how community members can put solar panels on their own roofs