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Ghost Watershed Alliance Society in partnership with the Bow River Basin Council



The Ghost Watershed is an important source water for the Bow River Basin, providing about 7 per cent to the Bow River’s flow upstream of Calgary. While only approximately four hundred people live in the watershed full time, thousands of people visit the watershed to recreate each year. The Ghost Watershed encompasses a large portion of Public Lands and Parks with beautiful scenery and many recreational opportunities. Since the Ghost Watershed Alliance Society’s inception in 2002, they have found that many people do not know what a watershed is, and may not be aware of the impact their activities can have on the integrity of the watershed. 


The project will increase awareness with students from Grade 1 to post-secondary about watersheds, the issues affecting the Ghost Watershed, and others in the Bow River Basin and how to keep the watersheds healthy.  Through thoughtful and tailored activities, this project aims to help students develop water literacy, spotlighting the Ghost Watershed as a critical headwaters ecosystem. The next step is to promote stewardship or an attitude that they can help protect  the water resources so critical to the well‐being of Alberta.