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Canmore Community Cruisers

Project Steward

Carol Engstrom



In Canada, 25% of GHG emissions come from the transportation sector with passenger vehicle use being a significant contributor. Approximately 75% of passenger vehicle use is for short trips, when the internal combustion engine works less efficiently. By shifting short trips from auto trips to cycling trips, we can significantly reduce GHG emissions, but also improve local air quality. Canmore already has a strong recreational/competitive cycling culture. CCC wants to grow the cycling culture in Canmore to include using the bicycle as a sustainable and efficient mode of transportation for all and make Canmore a best practice for Alberta.

Modeled after the successful Ontario Welcome Cyclist’s Network (http://www.welcomecyclists.ca/), CCC will develop the criteria for retail stores, cafes, restaurants, accommodations, and attractions to become certified as “bicycle friendly” and be eligible to join the Welcome Cyclists Network (WCN). This tool will be coupled with the development of the Welcome Cyclists page on www.bikecanmore.ca to promote businesses that will be certified as “bike friendly”.

The WCN will also educate business owners on the many benefits, both environmental and economic, of encouraging sustainable travel by bicycle and encourage businesses to join the WCN. The WCN coordinator will discuss the results of the survey with individual business owners and encourage participation in the WCN. The goal is to see a minimum of 30 businesses join the WCN in the initial year. A second metric is to collect data from 50 businesses on mode of transport used by customers, to be compiled into a report.

With project funds, CCC will purchase and maintain a cargo bike, to be used by members of the WCN to conduct short business trips rather than use an automobile. Examples of trips will include making deliveries, doing banking, attending nearby meetings. The WCN coordinator will conduct business using the cargo bike and encourage members of the WCN to use the cargo bike. The number and types of trips made by the cargo bike will be recorded. The goal is to see a minimum of 100 trips made over the course of the project.

The WCN project is important at this time because it will create synergy with the release of the Town of Canmore Integrated Transportation Plan, the 2014 Canmore Bike Month project, the 2014 Commuter Challenge, and the completion into Canmore of the Legacy Bike Trail. CCC will lead a collaborative effort to enroll businesses in joining the WCN, in an effort to encourage more Canmore residents and visitors to cycle to town more often instead of driving, to contribute to GHG reductions and improved local air quality.