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Biosphere Institute of the Bow Valley



Last year, Friends of Banff donated their 7 wildlife EduKits to Biosphere Institute of the Bow Valley. Each kit (bear, wolf or elk) provides a wealth of resources and a rare opportunity for youth to engage in active, hands-on wildlife and environmental stewardship learning. These traveling trunks, weighing up to 100 pounds, are filled with pelts, skulls, scat replicas, fur swatches, DVD’s and books relevant to animals and their place in the ecosystem. Each kit has an EduKit manual of teaching ideas specifically designed to support the Alberta curriculum for Grade 4-9 (i.e. Grade 7 Interactions and Ecosystems science unit), but lessons are adaptable to suit learning from Grades 1 through 12 (i.e. Grade 3 Animal Life Cycles science curriculum unit.) The kits are self-contained, so are either presented by us, or are shipped by bus to teachers to work through the kit activities with their own classrooms.

This project includes completing the updating process for the kits, presenting the kits at local schools and promoting the kits’ availability to schools throughout Alberta. Success for this project will be if youth have a better connection and understanding of wildlife on the landscape and of their role as environmental stewards. This grant will expand our ability to more effectively deliver education and outreach programs with hands-on activities for youth to learn about, and take action, on issues of biodiversity, ecological integrity, environmental stewardship, wildlife and its habitat. At this time our organization cannot adequately meet the demand for our Wildlife EduKits. This grant will improve the tools for youth to use to engage in these hands-on activities and will improve access to these unique education opportunities.

We need to act now as we can’t meet the need for the number of requests we are already receiving (and will recieve once promoted) for these EduKits, which provide a wealth of resources and a rare opportunity for youth to engage in active, hands-on wildlife learning opportunities and better understand and get involved in environmental stewardship